Responsive Websites

British Art Portfolio

The importance of responsive websites is now becoming high on the agenda, as clients recognise the need to access the web through smart devices. Responsive websites have the ability to adjust the format of the site depending on what device the website is being viewed on. Recent surveys suggest that the proportion of websites being viewed are more on smartphones and tablets rather than on the conventional desktop.

Therefore our brief was to re-design the British Art Portfolio website so that they would have a responsive web design with improved speed and better navigation to enhance the user experience and retain customers.

British Art Portfolio company recognized the importance of responsive web design and a good user experience. Their customers needed fast access to their new website as the current site was too slow. Also they believed a good user experience would encourage people to purchase their paintings or sculptures and retain customer loyalty to this growing market. Since the launch we have monitored a 50% increased in visitors to the site and a 30% increase in retention as a result of optimising the site and giving users a better user.